13 January 2009

Introducing Semantic Discovery

Welcome to Semantic Discovery's new blog! Our Semantic Discovery team has been working hard and is very excited to share our great new SEO products with the world. We have combined our expertise in web crawling and natural language processing to bring you our first two of many new SEO tools.

The first SEO tool we offer is our Site Visibility search engine ranking report. This tool allows you track the Google search engine rank of up to 50 keyword search terms for as many websites as you choose. The Site Visibility search engine ranking report can also track the Google ranking of up to five your competitors, and will auto discover an additional five competitors of your keyword search terms. This great tool is available immediately for subscription, or learn more by visiting our website.

Our second SEO tool is our Keyword Crawler keyword research tool. Keyword Crawler is actually two great keyword research tools bundle together; Keyword Site Crawler and Keyword Suggestion Crawler.
  • Keyword Site Crawler - Analyze your competition by utilizing the Keyword Site Crawler to crawl a group of websites, perform keyword analysis on the results, and provide a list of the keyword phrases being used on their most relevant pages.
  • Keyword Suggestion Crawler - Reach a broader audience by utilizing the Key Suggestion Crawler to find the current top semantically related keyword search phrases on the web from a list of your own keyword search phrases.
Both Keyword Crawler tools are available immediately for subscription, or learn more by visiting our website.

Bundle and save money by subscribing to both the Site Visibility search engine ranking report and the Keyword Crawler keyword research tools.

Please visit our blog often for news about Semantic Discovery, SEO tips, details about our existing and future SEO products, and thoughts on our core expertise in natural language processing, web crawling, and corporate information services.

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