15 January 2009

Keyword Crawler: Semantic keyword suggestion tool now available

Semantic Discovery is pleased to announce the release of our Keyword Crawler semantic keyword research tool. Keyword Crawler is two great keyword research tools bundled together; Keyword Site Crawler and Keyword Suggestion Crawler.

Use the Keyword Suggestion Crawler to discover new semantically related keywords to expand your website content and reach a broader audience. Enter up to ten of your own keyword phrases and the Keyword Suggestion Crawler will find the top semantically related keyword search phrases on the web.

Use the Keyword Site Crawler to analyze your competition's keywords. Enter up to ten websites and the Keyword Site Crawler will provide a list of the semantically related keyword phrases for each of the website's most relevant pages, and a list of the overlapping keyword search phrases for all the websites analyzed.

Both Keyword Crawler tools feature discovery of long tail keyword results up to five-word phrases, detection of keyword overlap between the analyzed websites or keywords, same-day keyword results collected by our web crawler the day your report is run. See all of the features of the Keyword Crawler SEO tools by visiting our website.

Whether starting a new website or fine tuning an existing one, Keyword optimization is a critical task when considering natural or paid traffic from search engines. Discovery of the right keywords can determine the success of your website through increased traffic. Start using Keyword Crawler today and discover the keyword search phrases your successful competitors are targeting on their websites.

Try out the Keyword Crawler keyword suggestion tools for free!

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