03 February 2009

Frequent monitoring part of improving organic rankings

I stopped by my local Walmart pharmacy the other day to check my blood pressure on the Vita-Stat Computer. To the right of the digital readout display is a warning which in part reads:

“Blood pressure normally varies. Studies show that changes can range as much as 10 to 30 points within a few minutes. The average of repeated measurements over a period of time is the best indication of your blood pressure.”

It’s interesting that we have to be reminded that “one” check of your health just isn’t the best policy. We all know a better way is to monitor and measure over time. This gives you the best indication of how healthy you really are and the effectiveness of your get healthy efforts.

Great personal advice. It applies nicely to your business health as well, especially if you are doing business online. In any economy your website is an essential component of your economic health.

A well designed website can be the primary connection between you and your customers. A website impacts your image, your message, your best and often first chance to impress and demonstrate the value and worth for someone to begin and maintain a business relationship.

So how do you monitor the health of your website and keep it at the front so you can be found and seen. First you need to find out where you are. This is easily accomplished with a ranking report of the keywords that are at the heart of your intended message. Knowing how visible your website is can guide your efforts to make sure that your website is found and seen everyday.

Staying in shape on the web requires regular attention. Internet and competitive conditions vary meaning the best indication of your ongoing efforts to be found is to monitor and measure repeatedly and often.

Semantic Discovery’s Visibility search engine ranking reports provide an easy and convenient way to quickly find and track your organic search ranking. Each report can be scheduled for timely email delivery saving time and money by automatically gathering the key information about your website and how it ranks. It will also give you a snapshot of the competitive landscape and how it is changing.

Now is the time to begin enjoying the benefits of our visibility ranking report as it helps guide your search engine optimization progress.

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  1. Insightful analogy to monitoring health. I have learned the same on my own. Google rankings are very dynamic and change frequently. It paints an inaccurate picture to check once and assume that rank is where your website stands.